Data Analytics

Creating data-driven environments


The amount of data an organization can collect today from a variety of sources offers it the ability to see under the hood, understand which processes are working, and help teams prepare for future trends.

RMinds data analytics service makes it easy to instantly reveal business insights from complex & heterogeneous data – any data source, any size. Our Data analytics teams focuses on processing and performing statistical analysis on existing data sets.

Analysts concentrate on creating methods to capture, process, and organize data to uncover actionable insights for current problems, and establishing the appropriate way of reporting the information.

The power of data analytics is transforming organizations and industries subjective decisions such as employee recruitment, product buying are increasingly data driven.


Our data analytics services are broadly categorized as under:

Data and Analytics Strategy

Your business may be storing loads of data that is unused information from transactions, connected devices and other sources. Our data strategy provides insights to fuel intelligent decisions, 360-degree customer view to boost business growth and help you make smarter decisions.

Enterprise data management

We help with data storage, movement, integration, transformation and management of data to ensure consistency and quality of data being used for analytics. Enterprise data management provides the right data – visible, trusted, and accessible. This can be a new opportunity for businesses to see data as a competitive advantag


The analytics provides insight based on real time data. It provides understanding of the data through:

  • Data visualization

  • Reporting

  • Integration of heterogeneous data

Success Stories


A top US litigation consulting firm facing issues in the legacy products used for delivering sophisticated science-based services, technology and analytics.

Key Challenges

The legacy systems used for records and litigation business were inefficient and not meeting end to end business workflows. The duplicate data existed between multiple systems often resulted in errors leading to loss of productivity and increased cost. Most of the time the errors caused incorrect reconciliation of invoices.


inds developed strategy to address the issues by optimizing the business process. Rminds team of consultants studied the processes and pain areas and defined end-to-end business process. As a part of mapping of the process we created source to target mappings of all data that was needed to move.

  • History data conversion

  • Removal of duplicate and inaccurate data

  • All customer/user transactions retained

  • Various management reports and custom reports developed

  • Infrastructure cost down by 40%

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