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US Logistics Company: Streamlines Compliance & Regulatory Data management

Business Challenge

A leading US Logistics Compliance Firm manages data for ~2000 Indirect Air Carriers, Service Providers and Shippers spread across the US. The firm manages TSA compliance regulation checks for every associated cartage agent and their employees.

  • The application was developed a decade ago.

  • The application was experiencing increased traffic and becoming difficult to scale resources.

  • Changing compliance requirements required greater system flexibility to quickly react to these changes.

RMinds Solution

RMinds partnered with the client to migrate  the web application to a cloud-based architecture

  • Outcome driven cloud migration

  • Seamless data migration

  • Automated Backup Process using RDS

  • High Availability Infrastructure

  • The existing legacy H/W systems were replaced by a Cloud-based App server (Lightsail), Storage (S3) and RDS (DB) server.

  • Creation of Development and Production environment on the cloud.

  • Monitoring of web application performance

  • Improved performance significantly and reduced customer complaints.

  • Automated backup process

  • Reduced downtime

  • Redesign of the application without affecting the existing architecture

  • Delivered critical business process improvements

Specific Business benefits

  • Simplified Business processes

  • Admin operational calls reduced by two-thirds

  • Customer productivity in accessing and uploading data showed significant improvement.

  • Reduced H/W maintenance cost by 50%

  • Reduced backup cost by 95%.


  • Data maintenance & data management simplified

  • Improved speed and responsiveness

  • Implemented optimized backup and storage methodologies

  • Simplified Load balancing and Failover/Disaster recovery